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Volume 4, Issue 1
  • Published: March 31, 2021
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Issue 1: 21040103, 2021 | PDF
Research Article
Published: March 31, 2021
Abstract: China's IC industry has been flourishing in recent years, huge market demand together with government investments are the major driving forces for this development. The status and development momen...
Recent Advances in Organic-inorganic Hybrid Photoresists
Authors: Zhihao Wang, Xindi Yao, Huiwen An et al.
Institution:Key Laboratory of Photochemical Conversion and Optoelectronic Materials, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Keywords:Organic-inorganic hybrid photoresist;EUV lithography;nanocluster;nanoparticle;organometallic complex
Issue 1: 21040101, 2021 | PDF
Research Article
Published: March 28, 2021
Abstract: Photoresists are radiation-sensitive materials used for forming patterns to build up IC devices. To date, most photoresists have been based on organic polymers, which have been dominating the semic...
Fast and Robust DCNN Based Lithography SEM Image Contour Extraction Models
Authors: Tao Zhou, Xuelong Shi, Chen Li et al.
Institution:Shanghai Integrated Circuits R, &, D Center Co, ., Ltd, ., Shanghai
Keywords:SEM images;contour extraction;machine leaning (ML);deep convolution neural network (DCNN);edge placement variation
Issue 1: 21040102, 2021 | PDF
Research Article
Published: March 25, 2021
Abstract: Scanning electron microscope (SEM) metrology is critical in semiconductor manufacturing for patterning process quality assessment and monitoring. Besides feature width and feature-feature space dim...